MEETING 04/26/15

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MEETING 04/26/15

Post by rachel on Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:19 pm


1. where are we with...
new website?

2.  proposals/classes
what proposals are being developed?
bozar classes
aleppo classes
la loge classes
mediating infrastructures classes

3. organization
what does it mean to be on the public school committee?
who is taking responsibility for...
organizing proposals?
preparing classes?
updating facebook/website?
responding to emails?
approaching new audiences?
building support?

4. future
what should the public school be?

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Re: MEETING 04/26/15

Post by rachel on Mon Apr 13, 2015 9:21 pm


NEW WEBSITE- we are working on getting funding for a new website. WE NEED REQUIREMENTS/WISHES FOR NEW WEBSITE

TALKS- psfa-bxl is included in the traveling exhibition re-work in germany ( lars and jorg are giving talks. (lars in cologne on april 16th and jorg in stuttgart on april 23rd)

PUBLICATION- the publication which was started in the fall is almost complete. we need to organize a launch event. WE NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR AN INVITED SPEAKER.

FORUM- we have set up a new forum that we can use to help stay organized between meetings. here is the forum address ( you should all receive invitations to join by email later today. If anyone has any comments on how the forum is set up or if there are any problems with it, let me know.


Classes at Bozar: the we traders exhibition has ended, however it may still be possible to schedule classes in the africa museum. 

Aleppo: psfa-bxl has been invited again to participate in the next session of events at
the new topic is ‘back to the order’. This was scheduled to take place during the last two weeks of april. The next session of schizo-linearity could be held as part of this series. Curator gilly karjevsky (, and architect alexander römer (, might also do a workshop.

Mediating Infrastructures: jorg and lars and janina gosseye are developing the class proposal ‘mediating [infra]structures’ into an independent series of talks with psfa-bxl classes to run in parallel. the first event will be shopping centers and will take place in mid june. (see attached documents for more info- also available on the new forum). WE NEED SUGGESTIONS FOR CLASSES

If I knew then what I know now: James Benedict Brown will give a lecture on his research on the difference in learning through formal education vs. learning through practice. he also has a podcast and would like to do an interview with the psfa-bxl. additionally we would like to have a number of classes where people speak about their own experience the learning and teaching of their formal education against the learning and teaching of their practice. It would be good to have both professionals and students as speakers. James' lecture will be on may 23rd ( WE NEED TO FIND OTHER SPEAKERS AND SCHEDULE ADDITIONAL SESSIONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

other classes:

Max is organizing a series of classes on the left bank of Antwerp with Maxime Peeters. The first class took place last friday. There is another class (non-guided walking tour) this sunday. Their may also be a symposium.

Max is also in contact with Koenraad Dedobbeleer about organizing a class (possibly a building tour)

Nina is in contact with an artist about a class on anti-monuments

Thomas is organizing a class on corridors (i can't remember the details about this)

Thomas may also organize a class around his thesis on open source architecture.

Old proposals- we should go through the old proposals to see if there are any that we want to develop into classes (someone contacted us this week about teaching 'architecture and video games' - all of the old proposals are now in the proposals section of the forum. 

PSFA-BXL COMMITTEE- between now and our next meeting everyone should think about what they want the public school should be and what being on the public school committee should be. for the public school to work, everyone on the committee needs to take an active role.


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